Best ASAP Rocky Vintage Bootleg T-Shirts for Rap Fan

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Bootleg vintage t-shirts are back and better than ever! The limited-edition rap design will never go out of style.

Many Streetwear brands have taken on a vintage aesthetic. Although many mainstream clothing outlets have taken a Vintage inspiration to their latest collections, this authentic vintage vibe is what appeals to fans who know and love the classics.

Many of these classic vintage items are not only inspired by past decades, they are actual vintage pieces from past decades, with the most popular vintage items coming from the 80s and 90s.

A$AP Rocky has gone on record saying that he is a HUGE fan of hip hop vintage clothing, and has even gone as far as to call himself a “fashionista some”. We’ve taken a look at of A$AP Rocky’s artist favorite stuff and tried to find A$AP Rocky vintage bootleg t-shirts for fans who want to represent A$AP Rocky’s love of the classics.

A$AP Rocky has always had an appreciation for some of the more obscure or harder to find brands, but some of his favorite stuff he has given some mainstream exposure – like Stussy and The North Face.

Top ASAP Rocky Vintage Bootleg T-Shirts

Vintage Asap Rocky Bootleg Unisex T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie

This Asap Rocky shirt has a bootleg logo and is available for both men and women. It’s the perfect piece of apparel to showcase your love for this rapper and his most recent releases. Sporting this shirt will also make you look like an up-and-coming artist, or simply someone looking for some thrills in their wardrobe. So bust out that camera, take a selfie with your best posture, filter it with #asapblackeye until its picture perfect–otherwise word on the street is people love it when you mess with art!

Rapper Asap Rocky Vintage Bootleg Unisex T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie

You know the type of T-Shirt that is so good it should be illegal? We are happy to say that this T-shirt falls into that category, with an Asap Rocky design on the front. For all you rap lovers out there who also love street wear, this shirt does not disappoint. Inspired by vintage shirts from the 90’s, these limited edition bootleg Vintage Unisex Tees are for anyone who appreciates a dope graphic.

Asap Rocky Vintage Bootleg Fan Merch Unisex T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie

One of our favorite rappers is back. Asap Rocky’s newest album marks the return of his classic sound and irresistibly catchy melodies with “Memories… Do Not Open.” This tee is perfect for your next hip hop concert or maybe even your next festival! The “Bootleg” design on this shirt is screenprinted in vintage letterpress style, giving it an extra cool vibe–great for both genders. Be sure to snag one now before they’re gone!

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